OPINION: Kwara PDP Must Stop This Politics of Calumny

Posted on by Independent Kwaran
OUR attention has been drawn to the latest claims from the Kwara State Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, alleging that the State Government has abandoned some projects because of Light Up Kwara, LUK, and the Geri-Alimi Underpass.
This assertion, made this morning on a popular radio program, stated that road projects like the Anilelerin Road Offa, and others have been jettisoned for LUK and the Underpass.
To begin with, our group is not siding the government on this issue and has never done so. It is on record that we have at several times put the government on its toes to reconsider some of its policies and project for the benefit of the people.
However, we are calling on Kwara PDP to stop peddling rumors about what the government is doing, or trying to do, just for the sake of politics.
Kwara PDP can not categorically say that the State government has ‘diverted’ resources from some other road projects to fund the LUK and underpass. This is an unfounded statement, and a reflection of politics of calumny.
Our Group read with keen interest, the government’s position on how these projects will be funded. We understand that the IF-K, which for us is novel, will be the source for funding these project. Hence, there is no need to distort public minds, in a bid to achieve any myopic political agenda.
Nevertheless, we are calling on the State Government to ensure, as a matter of urgency, that all ongoing road projects, particularly those ones that will benefit communities, are completed without fail. We will continue to hold them accountable for their promises.
Mallam Abdulganiyu Rahman
General Secretary
Kwara Transparency and Good Governance Group, KTGG
February 16th, 2016.

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