OPINION: KWARA- The Hub For Vocational Skills And Quality Learning

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HUMAN capital in layman parlance refers to the stock of knowledge and skills held by an individual to advance organizational goals and produce economic value. Human Capacities that makes growth, development, and progress possible can be termed human capital development.

The greatest resource or asset any nation can boast of at any point in time is its people. The citizen of any nation must be looked after and catered for within the boundary of available resources.

The future and prosperity of such nation, no doubt, rest on the shoulder of her citizens. So, any nation that fails to invest heavily in its citizen will continue to struggle in the committee of nations.

Human Capital Developers are savvy and quick to implement policies that will aid the development of individuals in public and private settings in order to achieve optimum growth. However, investing in people is a sure way of adding value to them and at the same time securing their future.

Thus, having a Governor like Dr. Abdulfatai Ahmed that tries to prioritize human capital development will help give the state uplift in education and health sector.

At the early stage of this administration, he was quick to realize that education is the most vital and reliable tool to ensuring economic empowerment of the people, most especially the youths.

He then tapped into the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for the future through detailed education reforms, promotion of science education, entrepreneurship and the positioning of Kwara as the hub for vocational skills.

For primary and secondary schools in Kwara to meet world standard, the State Governor remodeled and equipped the schools with modern laboratories, sports facilities, and computer rooms.

In order to provide affordable and quality education, the present administration has improved the quality of teaching in its primary and secondary schools, promote learning and research environment in tertiary institutions.

It is important to note that 400 blocks of classrooms have been constructed and rehabilitated at primary and secondary level. More so, free tuition and notebooks were introduced at secondary school level and to expand access to tertiary education in the state, Alhaji Ahmed gave consent to the reduction of tuition fees for Kwara State University (KWASU) students by 30 percent.

Also, the recent expansion of KWASU in three different local government areas of the state cost the government nothing less than N2.9 billion.

It’s obvious that many youths will benefits immensely from world-class learning and skills that will be acquired at the official commissioning of the International Vocational, Training and Entrepreneurship College (IV-TEC) situated at Ajase Ipo.

This will definitely help to fill middle-level manpower gaps.

It is glaring that as part of the state’s commitment to Human Capital Development, Kwara State Health Insurance Agency was established to provide qualitative, affordable and accessible healthcare delivery and functional education for all categories of people in Kwara.

Sulaiman Writes from Ilorin, Kwara State

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